First Public Appearance!

Hey everyone!

As I may have mentioned before, I’m going to be doing my first public speaking appearance at this year’s Comicpalooza here in Houston. I didn’t make much of a big deal about it before because I didn’t know what the final schedule was going to look like, but I just received an email confirming everything.

I’ll be speaking on 4 panels spread across Friday through Monday. Here’s how the schedule lines up…

Fri 5/23, 12pm-1pm – From Roleplay to Novels: Turning Stories into Books
Sat 5/24, 11am-12pm – Victorian Gothic (Steampunk)
Sun 5/25, 1pm-2pm – Humor in Science Fiction andFantasy
Mon 5/26, 2pm-3pm – Indie, Self, and Traditional Publishing.

I’d love it everyone could make it out to support me. Leave me a comment below or shoot me an email if you can and we’ll be sure to get together and I’ll share all my feelings of inadequacy with you.

Here’s Comicpalooza’s website with more details about all the other people you’ll want to see while you’re there!